End Suction Fire Pump Group


NFPA20, UL, FM, EN12845,CCCF

Performance Ranges

UL : Q: 100-750GPM   H:70-152PSI

FM: Q: 100-750GPM   H:70-152PSI

CCCF: Q:15-45L/S     H:0.6-0.9Mpa

NFPA20: Q: 100-3000GPM   H:40-200PSI




Large hotels, hospitals , schools,office buildings,supermarkets, commercial residential buildings, metro stations, railway stations, airports, kinds of transportation tunnels, petrochemical plants, thermal power plants, terminals, oil depots, large warehouses and industrial and mining enterprises, etc.


Product Types

Electric motor driven fire pump group

Diesel engine driven fire pump group with air cooling & water cooling

NFPA20 Package