NM Fire is the first member of NFPA from Chinese pump manufacturers . the production of fire pump groups is strictly in accordance with NFPA20, production process and performance testing also meet the requirement of ISO9001, some kinds of products have got APSAD(France), UL , FM and CCCF certificates. We are the only enterprise in China that obtained not only UL and FM certificates, but CCCF as well,also the first company in the world who was authorized by UL CCIC as witness testing center for both fire pumps and fire fighting engines.

NFPA member

Sprinkler Network






All petroleum, petrochemical ,chemical, military and naval institutes, oil fields of Petro China, Sinopec, CNOOC, pipelines Bureaus, oil repositories, oil terminals, construction companies, oil refineries, offshore platforms, etc.

Fire-fighting Engineering Companies,airports,highway tunnels,hotels,hospitals,supermarkets,office buildings, national grain storages, thermal power plants, shipyards,paper mills, subway stations,railway stations, etc.

Steel plants, residential regions,industrial and mining enterprises,house building materials   supermarkets,etc.


Split-case Fire Pump Group


NFPA20, UL, FM, EN12845,GB6245

Performance Ranges

UL Q:500-8000GPM H:60-350PSI

FM Q:500-7000GPM H:60-350PSI

CCCF Q:30-320L/S H:0.3-2Mpa

NFPA20 Q:300-8000GPM H:60-350PSI

End Suction Fire Pump Group


NFPA20, UL, FM, EN12845,CCCF

Performance Ranges

UL : Q: 100-750GPM   H:70-152PSI

FM: Q: 100-750GPM   H:70-152PSI

CCCF: Q:15-45L/S     H:0.6-0.9Mpa

NFPA20: Q: 100-3000GPM   H:40-200PSI

Vertical Turbine Fire Pump Group

NFPA20, UL, FM, EN12845,CCCF
Performance Ranges
UL : Q: 250-5000GPM   H:80-300PSI
FM: Q: 250-5000GPM   H:80-300PSI
CCCF: Q:15-300L/S     H:0.60-2.0Mpa
NFPA20: Q: 250-5000GPM   H:80-300PSI

Jockey Pump Group

NFPA20, EN12845
Performance Ranges
CCCF: Q:5-125L/S     H:0.40-1.6Mpa
NFPA20: Q: 100-1000GPM   H:100-220PSI

In-Line Fire Pump Group

NFPA20, GB6245
Performance Ranges
CCCF: Q:0.25-125L/S     H:0.40-2.5Mpa
NFPA20: Q: 100-1000GPM   H:100-220PSI

NFPA20 Package


  1. State of the art engineering design;
  2. Simplifies piping design;
  3. Single source unit responsibility;
  4. A complete package that meet NFPA20 requirements;
  5. Packaged systems are performance and hydrostatically factory tested at an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility prior to shipment;
  6. No material lost due to on-site material handling;
  7. Improves the speed of construction and reduces on-site installation time;
  8. Only external suction, discharge and power connection are required on-site.


NFPA20,  UL,  EN12845


1.Highly automatic;

2.Reliable performance;

3.High measuring accuracy;

4.Easy operation and maintenance.